Whether it is for a central Tokyo luxury home, an investment property or a holiday home in one of the Japan`s stunning resort destinations, we believe we have the expertise you require. The below is a sample of recent testimonials that some of our clients have been kind enough to share with us.

What is new to me was that Japan welcome foreign investors so there is no difference between if you are foreigner compared to local Japanese. Japan is definitely good for foreign investors. Based on the fact of figures presented today made me more confident in investing Japan and it looks like it’s a good time to invest. It would be ideal if I could trip to Japan and perhaps make some friends along.

Adam F.
First time attending our Japan Property Seminar.

Absolutely great to be here. I bought a property in Fukuoka. Fukuoka was never on the list but the quality of the presentation HJRE put forward us and convinced us that we have to look at Fukuoka and once we were there it was so immediately with the recommendation from HJRE. Fantastic location, fantastic quality and, fantastic recommendation from HJRE. At the end of the day selling factor for us was a personal touch from HJRE which really made a difference. It certainly is a wonderful property compared to what we see in Singapore as well as some other countries in the religion that Japan presents very interesting prospect in terms of return on your investment. Not only from a rental perspective, but also from a perspective for second home because you find the quality that you just cannot get anywhere in the world today. At the end of the day, it comes down to relationships we have with people. And I was most fortunate to meet you and HJRE through whom I got to know Sato-san and the team of three of you really sold the deal. We were trusted company from day1 and guided every step of the way which gave us every confidence to make the decisions that we need to make.

Raj V.
Purchased 2 properties though HJRE in 2017.

We bought in Hongo-3chome which is just next to Tokyo university and Tokyo general hospital. It can be both for my own use and for investing. Particularly my son to be studying in Keio University. Initially we have reservations through HJRE we found that our reservations were answered that are taxation and the legal process in Japan. I think having this agent relationship help us a lot, to say that yes! it is possible!, and it is quite easy to acquire a property in Japan. My cousin already bought another property from HJRE. I think more importantly it is not just the acquisition of the property, the process of after sales property and continual management by HJRE gave us an assurance that even we are not there yet our properties are taken care of. And people there, I think we see them as friends, not just agents.

Hock. S
Purchased a property for use as a second home.

I think the food was outstanding and Sake was amazing. I learned tremendous amount of new information about investing Japan. We always looked at Japan as a growth opportunity. I understand that it’s a bit of mystery to people about investing in Japan. But especially after the figures and numbers that were shared, I think I have a strong prospect. Somebody in the hotel or real estate business, especially in a hotel business we have always felt that location is key. We are familiar that there is a shortage of five start hotels in Japan and it is something which we would like to go further to export in years to come. I think looking forward is the right timing at the right price and most importantly right partners. And engaging with your organization I think there might be strong potential to us to develop a relationship and then hopefully look forward do more business together.

James T.
Joined our Japanese sake tasting event and discussed Japanese investment property with us.