The role will provide complete remote services and expert liaisons to overseas clients willing to invest in the Japanese real estate market  

With over 16 years of experience dedicated solely to the real estate industry in Japan, Junpei Fujioka holds one of Housing Japan’s best records in high-end property sales to expatriate residents. And now he is set to embrace a new role as the director of HJ Real Estate, an associate company of Housing Japan KK, in Singapore, where he will serve as the bridge between Tokyo and Singapore for clients looking to rent, buy, or invest in real estate in Japan.  

Junpei Fujioka in Shibuya, Tokyo

Fujioka will start his new role in April and will be based at the Singapore office of HJ Real Estate located on Collyer Quay. As the director of HJ Real Estate, he will establish a new support system between HJ Real Estate and Housing Japan KK, the leading international real estate broker in Tokyo, while also providing liaisons to other assets in the Housing Japan group, including HJ Asset Management KK, an independent asset management firm, and Alt Stay, a short-term rental service.  

One of the first services to benefit off-shore investors that Fujioka will introduce in Singapore is the fully remote assistance of purchasing Japanese real estate — from the initial viewing through the entire purchase process and property management. Investors will be able to view various properties of interest remotely and complete all transaction procedures online, including signing POA and Escrow services. A throughout post-purchase service is also part of the service — Fujioka and his new team will manage the property, tenants, and cash management, ensuring investors of a complete, stress-free reliable service with maximized output.   

“One of our greatest strengths is that we are a one-stop-shop across different business lines,” says Fujioka. “We cover luxury homes, private estates, resorts, and large-scale developments; while providing a broad range of specialist advisory, management, and transactional services.” In addition to HJ Real Estate, Housing Japan also has a dedicated Asset Management division that ensures the company can provide a complete solution for investors.  

“There is a growing demand for Japanese real estate, despite the pandemic,” Fujioka says, explaining that real estate in Tokyo, particularly, has been rising in prices and popularity, as has the volume of international transactions.  

He attributes this to Tokyo being one of the “best cities in the world.”  

“Japan is constantly developing,” he says, referring to areas such as Azabu, Akasaka, and Roppongi in central Tokyo, where massive-scale urban development is ongoing. But beyond Tokyo, Fujioka says, there are also resort towns such as Hakuba in Nagano Prefecture that promise significant returns to real estate investors.  

As someone who has continued selling Tokyo’s best homes to international clients for the past 16 years, Fujioka has seen Japan change much over the years, becoming better accommodating to the needs of off-shore and expat investors. But it wasn’t always like this.  

“When I first started at Housing Japan in 2006, there were few options for international buyers. Japanese investors had many companies to rely on, but not expats, let alone overseas-based clients,” Fujioka says.  

It was partially this willingness to provide the best of Japan to the rapidly increasing international buyers — and residents — that kept Fujioka in the business.  

“It’s sort of funny because when I started in this business, I had no particular interest in real estate,” Fujioka laughs. The Hiroshima-born was just fresh off college in Osaka, looking for opportunities to shape his career and work in an international environment. But while at the time, real estate was nothing but an entry into his career, today, it is his greatest commitment.  

For the past 16 years later, he had stayed with Housing Japan, year after year, assisting international clients to buy and sell prime Tokyo real estate, resort properties, and investment properties, both residential and commercial.  

Looking ahead, Fujioka is now on a mission to use his skills, knowledge, and expertise to do the same in Singapore.  

“I am excited to share this experience with our valued clientele in Singapore and across the region. With the support of over 60 colleagues throughout our group companies at our Tokyo head office and in the resort town of Hakuba, we can provide clients with full-service support for their Japan real estate investment.” 

Fujioka will manage a team of roughly 10 staff at the Singapore office, which he is also looking forward to. 

“I think it has been particularly challenging for our local Singapore staff during the pandemic. I would like to work with them toward expanding the market and I think the best way to do so is to approach everything with creativity and extra care to the clients’ needs,” Fujioka says. A self-starter who embraces challenges himself, he looks forward to leading the team toward more significant expansion and leadership that, in return, will offer greater potential to clients.  

“My motto is to be flexible. I always tell clients that I will try to solve their needs. They say they want to buy a castle in Japan — we’ll try to find a way to make that happen,” he laughs but means it.   

To contact Junpei Fujioka, send him an email at fujioka@housingjapan.com or give him a call or WhatsApp at +81 90 2306 1608.  

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