HJ Real Estate is a gateway to Japanese real-estate – whether you represent an institution, are making a first-time investment, or are privately looking to purchase a home.

As an officially licensed Singaporean agency, we ensure complete legal compliance with local authorities. In addition, we benefit from having direct access to local financing and tax options for domestic and international residents.

HJ Real Estate is an associate company of Housing Japan K.K, an international real estate broker in Tokyo, and HJ Asset Management K.K, an independent asset management firm.

This relationship ensures we are uniquely placed to benefit from both our Singapore location while also holding a strong presence within Japan.

We are able to source property, arrange deal financing and structure, close contracts and if necessary, provide in-house property management services. Our property leasing division also exists to help expats rent the best homes in Tokyo.


To be the leaders in taking Japanese real-estate into the international market.


To bring a clear, world-class approach to business for the benefit of our clients, employees and company.

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Housing Japan

HJ Asset Management