Grand Opening Event


Recently Housing Japan announced the opening of our new Singapore office, dedicated to serving local and international residents in the country who are interested in homes and property in Japan.

Working in collaboration with our Tokyo office and our asset management division; HJ Real Estate Pte Ltd specialises in helping you realise opportunities from its new base in Singapore.

To mark the grand opening of our new office, and to provide you with an update to both the residential and large-scale investment markets in Japan, we are honoured to invite you to an upcoming event at the Grand Hyatt hotel, in Singapore.

Event Program

13:30 – Arrival of all Guests

14:00 – The opportunities in Japan

14:30 – Refreshment and Networking

15:30 – The latest on the Tokyo real estate market.

14:00 – Discussion by the HJ group representatives

16:00 – Q&A

Time and Location

Date: October 1st (Sat)

Time: 13:30pm to 17:30pm

Location: Grand Hyatt, Singapore (Maps Link)

Room: Residence 2, Level 3

Event Hosts:

Sato Tsutomu (Managing Director, HJ Real Estate Pte. Ltd.)

Sato-san is the Managing Director of HJ Real Estate Pte Ltd. He oversees property purchases in Tokyo, helping to source the best assets and ensure legal compliance as well arrange the structure and financing of a deal.

Peter Koh (Director and KEO, HJ Real Estate Pte. Ltd.)

Peter is a fully licensed and qualified Singaporean Real Estate Agent with extensive experience serving the market here. Together with his local knowledge he has been working closely with Housing Japan to build a business that focuses on the Tokyo and Japan property markets.

Hashimoto Mitsuo (President, Housing Japan)

Hashimoto-san started the Housing Japan business and has been its CEO since 2000. He has spent his entire career in Tokyo real-estate. He also oversees the HJ Asset Management brokerage team.

Joe Rigby (Director, HJ Asset Management)

CEO of HJ Asset Management and co-founder of Housing Japan, Joe spent his early career in finance and started the Housing Japan business in 2000. He has been investing in real-estate and development projects in Japan for over 10 years.